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Shoe Size Conversion US, UK, & EU

Wearing the right size shoe is incredibly important for your health and comfort. When you wear a shoe that's too tight or too small, it can cause blisters, foot pain, and even long-term damage to your feet.

Ill-fitting shoes can also make it difficult to walk or run properly, which can lead to other physical problems such as back pain and knee strain. On the other hand, wearing shoes that are too big can also cause tripping and slipping hazards.

Taking the time to properly measure your feet and find the right size shoe will ensure that you remain healthy and comfortable no matter what activity you're doing!

The below chart will help you find the international conversion chart for women's and men's shoe sizing for American, British, European, Australian, Chinese and Japanese shoe sizes systems. ‍

Globally there are 7 major shoe size systems, with the US, British, European and Japanese size system being the most common ones across the world. ‍

The British and the US shoe size system varies between men's and women's shoes. As a general rule men's shoe size is one number higher e.g. men's 10.5 is women's11.5.

For anyone shopping for shoes this could be a way to purchase some bargains by understanding the US men's women's shoe size system.

The European shoe size system is less standardizes as others around the world. A French or a German shoe size can be totally different based on manufacture or brand.

With that said, please use the chart as a guiding principle while knowing that sizes can and do vary by brand manufacturer and country

How do Mens shoe sizes compare to Womens?

Men's shoe sizes typically differ from women's shoe sizes by 1.5 - 2 sizes. For example, a men's US size 8 would correspond to a woman's US size 6.5 - 7.

The exact difference can vary between brands and countries as some countries use different sizing systems which can cause confusion when shopping for shoes internationally.

Men's shoes tend to be wider than women's because, on average, men have larger feet than women. This is due to the different skeletal structures between genders, as well as differences in body weight.

Additionally, men tend to walk and run differently than women, so they need more room in the toe box area of their shoes for extra support and stability. Wider shoes also provide more cushioning and comfort for male feet.

How do I convert UK size shoes to USA sizes?

Converting UK sizes to US sizes for shoes can be done using a UK-US size conversion chart. Generally, shoe sizes in the UK are 1.5 to 2 sizes smaller than their US counterparts.

For example, a men's UK size 10 would correspond to a men's US size 11 - 11.5 depending on the manufacturer. Similarly, women's UK size 6 would correspond to a US size 7 - 7.5.

How does one convert women's USA shoe sizes to men's?

Converting women's US shoe sizes to men's sizes is relatively straightforward. Generally, you can add 1.5 - 2 sizes to the original US women's size in order to convert it to a men's size.

For example, a woman's US size 8 would correspond to a men's US size 9.5 - 10.

However, it is important to keep in mind that exact conversion will depend on the manufacturer and country of origin as some countries use different sizing systems which can cause confusion when shopping for shoes internationally.

What is the best way to measure foot size?

Measuring feet to figure out shoe sizes is an important step before shopping for shoes. The best way to measure feet is with a Brannock Device, which is a tool found in most shoe stores.

To use the device, stand your foot on it and press down to determine the length and width of your foot.

After you record the measurements from both feet, look up your size on a chart that converts US sizes to other international sizes.

It's also important to remember that different brands may have different sizing charts, so always make sure you double check before ordering online or in store!

Infants' Shoe Size Conversion chart

When it comes to infant shoe sizes, you'll want to look for a chart that provides conversions between US and other international sizes. The chart should also include the months of your baby's age so you can get a more accurate measurement.

It's important to remember that different brands may have slightly different sizes, so double check against their sizing charts before purchasing shoes.

Also make sure to measure your baby's feet while they are standing and also while they are sitting down in order to get the most accurate measurements!


What is the uk shoe size conversion chart?

The UK shoe size conversion chart is a helpful tool for anyone who needs to buy shoes from the United Kingdom. It helps shoppers convert from their own country's sizing system to the UK sizing system, so they can accurately choose the right size for them. The chart follows a simple number-based system that starts at 0 and goes up in increments of 3/4 inch per full shoe size. This means that a US size 9 is equivalent to a UK size 8, while a US size 10 is equal to a UK size 9.

How do I convert a shoe size to inches or centimeters?

To convert a shoe size to inches or centimeters, you need to use a sizing conversion chart. These charts typically contain the measurements for each size in both imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters) units. For example, a US men's size 9 is equal to 8.7 inches or 22 cm. To make sure you get the right fit, it's important to measure your feet first before looking up the corresponding shoe size on the conversion chart.

Why does the UK use CM for sizing their footwear?

European shoe sizing uses centimeters because it offers a more accurate way to measure feet than using inches. In Europe, shoes are generally made in full-centimeter measurements, rather than half or quarter sizes like what is used in the United States. This helps ensure people get the right fit when shopping for European shoes, as the measurements are exact and leave less room for error.

Do shoe sizes vary by brand?

Yes, shoe sizes can vary by brand. Different brands use different lasts (shoe molds) to determine the size of their shoes, so as a result, two shoes of the same size may not necessarily fit the same way. It's important to try on shoes before buying to make sure they fit properly and are comfortable. Additionally, some brands also offer half-sizes or wider widths which can further affect the sizing of their shoes.

Are printable shoe size charts available?

Yes, there are printable shoe size charts available online. These charts provide a general guideline for finding the right shoe size and can help when shopping for shoes online or in stores. However, it's still important to try on the shoes to make sure they fit properly and are comfortable.

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