A good and comfortable pair of ballet flats can prove to be a savior in your wardrobe. All women can agree how frustrating it is when you can't find a matching pair of shoes to wear with your favorite dress.

That's where ballet flats comes in. They are available in every shade and material and there are so many styles, like square toe ballet flats, you are sure to find something that goes with any outfit.

The amazing thing about ballet flats is that you can wear them anywhere and still rock elegance and comfort! From college students to office workers as well as travelers they all agree these are life savers.

Below, we have found ballet flats that give you extreme comfort, are affordable and at the same time look gorgeous. We call that a trifecta

1.Bloch Ladies Ballet Flat

In search of extremely cute flats that are comfortable and durable ballet flats for women? Classic look Bloch ballet flats will be your cup of tea! Made with lightweight and soft yet quality leather that is durable enough to be worn year after year.

Bloch ballerina style shoes are renowned for their comfort and style. The Aripina Ballerina Shoe features a classic design. Hand-made in soft vegan leather, these beautiful shoes are created using traditional shoe-making techniques A perfect everyday shoe for the woman on the go as this ballet flat ensures both comfort and elegance.

Moreover, the structure of this shoe is solid and gives additional support.

Bloch Women's Ballet Flat

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2. Cole Haan

Cole Haan

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3. Amazon Essentials

Looking for classic black ballet flats? If yes, get your hands on Amazon Essentials ballet flats! Also one of the best travel flats out there.

It doesn't just come in black, they have a variety of colors and fabrics, like suede, you'll surely be able to find one with your favorite color, or buy more than one, at this price you can.

The design shows a versatility and perfectly fits on the feet so you can wear it everyday and everywhere. Wear it with jeans, shorts or even to the office.

Amazon essential ballet shoe has pointed toe but it still allows your toes to move freely without constriction. Furthermore, it has a good quality soft faux leather along with folded non abrasive upper and will form to your foot soon after the first wear.

Because this is such a good shoe, the Amazon women's ballet flat shoe has heel pillow comfort technology which helps provide the maximum cushioning to reduce impact to the heel and instep.

These soft suede flats also has premium quality TPR outsole that gives insane flexibility to the shoes and makes it foldable for convenient packing making them the best ballet flats for travel.

Amazon Brand Ladies Ballet Style Flat

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4.Lucky Brand Women's Emmie Ballet Flat

Lucky brand ballet flat, Along with being feminine this shoe is elegant and versatile. The fan favorite is the shiny silver and gold color ones. Adding a bit of sparkle to any outfit.

Lucky brand features their ballet flat with rounded toe vs a square toe box.

Its padded footbed is constructed with memory foam so the insole cushions your feet when you walk on hard surfaces.

The flexible rubber soul makes it foldable and the heel is about 0.31 inches which gives you just a bit of elevation to make the feel more comfortable.

Lucky Brand Women's Skimmer Shoe

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5. C.Paravano Square Toe

The C.Paravano Women's Flats I Square Toe Shoes are a stylish and practical choice for any woman.

These shoes provide excellent comfort with their lightweight leather construction and soft insole cushioning, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the day.

The square toe design helps complete your look, making the C.Paravano Women’s Flats a great option for casual, everyday wear.


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6. ALTOCIS Womens Faux Suede Ballet Flats

The ALTOCIS ballet flat is beautifully designed for women of all ages, from teenagers to mature woman, when elegance is the objective.

Its material is quite soft and comfortable and wears well because of its breathable material. It will keep your feet cool and minimize moisture.

These sleek Altocis flat shoes also have a rounded toe cap which gives ample space to all of the toes for comfort and flexibility. To make it even more comfortable, a memory foam has been placed in the insoles of ballet flats so that it is foot friendly.

The high quality manufacturing standards use of stitching these classic ballet flat makes them even more durable because the shoe parts are not constructed with glue, which often gives way after sometime.

Finally, Altocis flat classic ballet flats have a bow knot which makes these simple shoes even more elegant.

Altocis Women's Suede Ballet Flats

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7. Feversole Women's Memory Foam Cushion Insock Patent Ballet Flat

The Feversole classic ballet flats are all what you need to complete your wardrobe because they compliment every type of outfit.

You also have many color choices and can find one according to your dress color or even buy several colors to have a matching pair with your favorite outfits!

Feversole ballet flat shoes have a 5mm soft cushion memory foam along with a soft canvas lining that makes this shoe flexible and lightweight, making the experience more pleasant and comfortable.

The featured cushion non-slip outsole keeps your feet from hurting even after a long day of constant walking and working. You can now walk for longer hours with these comfortable ballet flats, making these the perfect option for travelers and women who are on their feet all day.

The classic round toe shape and grosgrain design makes the ballet flats look elegant and thus making your feet look beautiful and slim. You can wear them while going shopping, to a party, date night or just hanging out with friends. This will become your statement look.

Feversole Ballet Skimmer

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8.Frank Mulley Pointed Knit Skimmer

The Women’s pointed toe ballet flats is a must have in your shoe collection because of its style and comfort. You can pair it up with any type of dress to rock the look. This shoe is a great option for women with bunions or extra wide feet.

The Frank Mulley Ballet Flat features a simple and subtle silhouette that gives a beautiful look to these comfy flats and can't go wrong with any outfit. Its V-cut top line also add a flash of edge and elegance to these flats.

To prevent your feet from sweating , the style ballet flats feature micro perforations which also look pretty too.

You can clean these ballet flats easily too. Simply, put some soapy water on them, and scrub with a gentle cloth. Wipe away with another clean cloth and let it dry for at least 30 minutes and they will look and feel brand new.

Choosing the right size of any ballet flat is also important so please visit the size chart and choose the size according to your feet for a perfect fit and comfort.

Frank Mully Microsuede Flats

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9. Tory Burch Classic Logo Ballet Flats

The beautiful and most comfortable ballet flats from Tory Burch feature a comfortable rubber sole that has a heel of 0.31 inches. The slight heel helps your posture and enables you to walk long distances easily and voters say they don't hurt your feet at all.

Its upper material is made of super soft leather that not only looks beautiful but is tough as well and will withstand wear after wear.

Likewise, it has a round toe that gives a classic and subtle look to the flats but provides your toes the maximum space they need for comfort. The elasticized heel enhances the fit of the flats and hugs your feet tightly.

The comfort providing feature of these leather ballet flats have a high quality latex cushion foot-bed that feels extremely soft when you walk and prevents foot fatigue early in your day. Along with that it features a leather sock lining and a breathable arch.

Like the top and sole of the perfect ballet flat, suede is also a nice feature in a shoe because it shapes quickly to your foot and plays a vital role in providing comfort. That's why the Tory Burch flat is such a great choice.

Tory Burch Classic Logo Flat

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10. Badgley Mischka

The Badgley Mischka Women's Gigi Pointed Toe Flat is a sleek and stylish shoe. Made from luxurious velvet with an elegant pointed toe, these shoes add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

The flat sole provides comfort and stability for all-day wear, while the attractive design ensures you look your best wherever you go.

The Badgley Mischka Women's Gigi Pointed Toe Flats are the perfect choice just because.

Badgley Mischka 

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Ballet flats are indeed a good investment for which your feet and wardrobe will surely thank you. They are lightweight, soft, flexible and also offer great comfort to your feet and a great option for women who want to add style but don't want to or can't wear high heels.

They can look elegant or casual and match with every type of outfit from fancy skirts to leggings, jeans and maxi dresses. The right ballet flats should be so comfortable that you can walk long distances in them, unlike heels which often cause your feet to hurt moments after you put them on.

Look for a pair that has a soft and flexible sole and a breathable upper along with nice prints and neutral colors to match with your every outfit.


Q: Can I wear tights with my ballet flats?

A: Yes, you can definitely wear tights with your ballet flats. You can also wear ankle socks or no show socks with them.

Q: Can I wash my ballet flats?

A: Yes, you can usually wash your flats depending on the material. Make sure to read the manufacturers recommendations and remember to put them in a lingerie bag to prevent them from tumbling all over the washing machine. Similarly, make sure that the detergent that you use is gentle and does not contain harsh chemicals.

Q: How to prevent my feet from getting sweaty in ballet flats?

A: As the ballet flats are closed type of shoes therefore there are high chances of your foot getting sweaty. First and foremost to avoid this problem, look for ballet flats that are porous or their fabric are breathable. If you have an issue that makes your feet sweaty, try using a foot deodorant, make sure your feet are clean and dry before wear and a cornstarch based foot powder can help your feet stay clean and dry.

Q: Do ballet flats keep the feet warm?

A: Yes, if you wear with a good pair of tights, then your ballet flats should be adequate to keep your feet warm in most cases. They are closed type of shoes therefore they tightly hold your feet and keep them warm. Wearing wool tights and socks will help you enhance the feature even more.

Q: How to make my ballet flats more supportive?

A: If you observe your embellished ballet flats not providing the required support to your feet and constantly rubbing any area of your foot, add a low profile gel insert to it. Stick the adhesive side down on the problematic area of your shoes. They should provide a comfortable cushion and make your shoes fit a bit better if they are loose.

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