Looking for a new kimono to add to your wardrobe? Check out our list of the 10 best kimonos for women!

The kimonos we have found for you are all stylish and versatile, florals and geometric patters  you will look your best no matter which you choose.

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Whether you're ready to shop for a new cover-up for the beach or something to wear to a party, we've got you covered. Keep reading for our picks for the best.

A kimono can be a robe type layering piece or a cardigan with a great fall outfit.

Kimona tops are the perfect wear for any weather change. Warm enough to warm up the chilly nights and light enough to reduce sweating throughout the night.

The light cardigan can be worn at night when you need something to cover the shoulders. And they double as swim coverings when you're on the pool or the beach!

Dokootoo Bandana Kimono 

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You can also wear a long, robe Kimono with jeans or wide leg trousers for a dramatic occasion on the town look.

Free People have perfected this look but we have found great contenders on Amazon.

Now this makes it versatile! Explore prints and hemmed womens Kimonos, and fringe Kimonos.

When you shop Amazon it will usually ship for free and have delivery right to your door the next day if you like.

What is a Kimono?

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Kimonos are a world famous fashion item. Known for its colours and elaborate patterns, it can be found in many styles from basic to simple.

What started as full length robes with vivid patterns and captivating colours, the traditional look changed as it was westernized by Americans.

You can find them in several different designs or color combinations which can be incorporated into a wardrobe every day.

Like sweaters and cardigans, the kimonos are easily worn and can add an instant touch of elegance.

Imily Bella Tunic Cardigan Sweater

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How do you fashionably wear a kimono?

In America and other western states women kimonos are typically worn with a sleeveless top and jeans or as a cover up with swimwear but don't forget about skirts & dresses.

This versatile fashion piece is easy to wear and something you will love and wear often.

Sweaty Rocks Lightweight Kimono

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Can you wear a kimono with trousers?

Wear alone or with trousers,  you can develop a personal look, timeless yet trendy. Kimonos combine old and new and work well with sleeveless clothes and any cut pant.

Eedoyee Maxi Kimono 

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Younger kimongis in Japan today see traditional clothing as less interesting, but in the west women are loving this cultural fashion icon.

Wearing as a beach cover up or a mini dress - kimono style is always a wardrobe staple.

Rebecaa Virtue Tye Dye Dress

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What is a women's kimono?

Kimona and Yukata have long been considered Japanese fashion staples and charmers because they have beauty as well as style.

The robes have long sleeves that are secured with decorative belts and can easily be worn by both men and women.

The Kimono looks a little like the new google play logo with its triangular shape. It was a clever idea to adopt this as their service mark.

Eedoyee Triangular Kimono 

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What is a female kimono called?

The Tomesode kimono has traditionally been worn in marriage. Tomesode designs are typically positioned beneath the waist with stunning patterns.

Often they contain gold as well. In western culture the Kimono resembles the evening dress.

Dokootoo Side Slit Button Down Shirt Dress

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Why do Japanese wear kimonos?

Straight-edge cutkimonos are ideal in any weather, it was possible to wear kimono in layers in winter, and kimono in fabrics such as linen were warm in summer.

This advantage helped kimono to take over Japanese lives all the time.

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What goes with  womens kimonos?

Kimonos  look great with dresses, midi dresses, culotte trousers, knit shorts and tee shirts.

And of course nothing looks better over a bathing suit than a poncho type floral kimono!

The 3/4 sleeve length makes it a little more casual.Why limit yourself ? The possibilities are endless.

LaBlanca Foral Kimono Mini

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Are women kimonos good for winter?

When winter comes you can lean into your Kimonos robe and connect with your cultural self. more and more stores are carrying kimonos as a staple wardrobe must have.

Thicker Kimono robes are ideal for mixing comfort and warmth. Click on any link on our site to shop this collection.

Ecowish Colorblock Kimono Cardigan

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