That plant based, fermented eggshell membrane collagen and the hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides are not super absorbable in the human gut?

Digestible yes, but to be optimally effective we need absorption, ideally as soon as it hits the mouth !

Because of this, a liquid multi collagen hydrolyzed liquid is superior to multi collagen complex protein powder, because the nano particles are much smaller.

There are so many options on the market today that it is beyond overwhelming to choose the right product. Many common brands offer lower doses per gram of product that can provide some benefits but why take something that doesn't offer the maximum?

Bone broth protein, multi collagen protein, collagen protein powder, pasture raised and grass fed are a few of the popular mainstream collagen type but they are not the most optimal.

You need a non GMO, free of chemicals and free of hormones to build a foundation of good health and wellness to last a long time. You need a product that is GMP approved and constantly tested for mold, toxins and heavy metals.

Now, there are 6 types of collagen found in humans: type 1, type 2, type 3, type 4, type 5, and type 6. Type 1 collagen is the most abundant in our bodies and is primarily composed of two amino acids - hydroxyproline and proline.

It has a triple helix structure which makes it strong and resistant to degradation within the body. Super scienc-y, we know. Read on it will become clear.

What are all the different types of collagen?

Hydrolyzed type 1 collagen is the best form of collagen due to its ability to be easily absorbed by the body.

Hydrolysis breaks down the collagen molecules into smaller pieces for greater absorption and utilization by the human body.

Additionally, hydrolyzed type 1 collagen does not require digestion like other forms of collagen, making it more readily available for use in our cells.

Here are the top 5 benefits of collagen for everyone:

1. Improves Skin Health: Collagen has been proven to improve skin health by increasing elasticity and hydration, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin tone.

Regular consumption of collagen may result in a more youthful-looking complexion as well as act as a type of wD40 for your joints and ligaments and helps in muscle preservation.

2. Promotes Joint Health: Collagen assists with maintaining healthy joints and bones. With age, our body’s natural collagen levels decrease and collagen supplements can help maintain joint flexibility and help alleviate joint pain.

3. Aids Digestion: Collagen helps with gut health by supporting the lining of the digestive tract, aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption.

4. Reduces Inflammation: Consuming collagen can decrease inflammation in the body, thereby helping prevent heart disease, diabetes, and various autoimmune diseases that are often associated with inflammation.

5. Promotes shiny and stronger hair and nails: Collagen plays a key role in the production of keratin - the building block of healthful hair and nails. Consuming collagen-rich food or supplements can lead to healthier hair and stronger nails.

These are just a few benefits of incorporating collagen into your diet. Considering the abundance of advantages it offers, adding collagen can be a great way to support overall wellness, wherever you are in life.

Whether through supplements or incorporating it into delicious recipes, collagen can be a valuable addition to your daily wellness routine.

If you’re looking for a natural, effective way to enhance your health and beauty, look no further than hydrolyzed type 1 collagen. Not only is it great for your skin, hair, and nails – it also supports bone health and joint mobility. Learn more about how this incredible substance can help you in this comprehensive guide.

What is Hydrolyzed Type 1 Collagen?

Hydrolyzed type one collagen powder is a form of protein composed mainly of amino acids glycine and proline. It is found naturally within the body; however, its presence starts to decline as we age. That’s why many people choose to supplement with hydrolyzed type one collagen powder in order to retain or even improve their physical appearance as well as overall health.

Benefits For Skin Health And Beauty Collagen production slows down over time, leading to wrinkles, dryness, and loss of firmness. The good news is that using hydrolyzed type 1 collagen can help reverse the signs of aging by increasing skin moisture, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving elasticity, and making it look fuller and more youthful. It’s also great for maintaining healthy hair and nail growth.

Benefits for bones and joints. As mentioned before, our bodies produce less collagen as we age – something that can lead to fragility in our bones which means a higher susceptibility to fractures due to osteoporosis or other bone-related conditions.

Supplementing with hydrolyzed type 1 collagen may be beneficial due not just to its anti-aging effects but also to other factors because it helps build stronger bones over time as well as increases joint mobility.

What You Need To Know About Hydrolyzed Type 1 Collagen

Supplementing with hydrolyzed type 1 collagen is a great way to keep yourself looking younger for longer while also ensuring your bones stay strong.

It’s important to be mindful when taking any vitamin or dietary supplements; if in doubt talk with your doctor first before adding anything new into your diet regimen. Whether taken orally or applied directly onto the skin via creams/serums – if used correctly – hydrolyzed type one collagen could be exactly what you need for optimal health and beauty!

What are the benefits of taking a good vitamin c supplement with hydrolyzed collagen?

Vitamin C is known to help stimulate collagen production in the body and improve its effectiveness. Vitamin C also helps to protect collagen from damage or breakdown in the body, making it more stable. This stability allows for longer-lasting effects on skin health, joint health, and muscle mass.

Additionally, vitamin C has antioxidant properties which help reduce inflammation and protect cells from oxidative damage.

Finally, vitamin C helps with proper absorption of minerals that are essential for healthy bones and skin.

Why is bovine collagen is truly the only option, even for many vegans ?

Bovine collagen is one of the best sources of collagen for humans due to its ability to be easily absorbed and utilized by our bodies. It has a higher absorption rate than other sources of collagen, meaning it is better able to provide essential amino acids to the body than other forms of collagen such as fish or chicken.

Additionally, bovine collagen is composed of type 1 and type 3 proteins which are most similar in structure to the human version multi collagen protein, making them perfect for optimal absorption in the genome.

The advantages of using bovine collagen over other forms of collagen are numerous. Not only does it provide maximum absorption, but it also assists in healing and regeneration processes, improves joint health, helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines on skin, and boosts energy levels by providing a steady stream of essential amino acids.

Additionally, bovine collagen can help reduce muscle wasting and help to increase muscle mass when taken in conjunction with regular exercise.

For those looking for an all-natural way to improve their overall health and beauty regimen, bovine collagen may just be the answer!

With its unique composition that makes it easier for us to absorb than other forms of collagen and its wide array of health benefits – from boosting energy levels and reducing wrinkles to aiding healing processes – bovine collagen is certainly worth considering for those seeking an optimal wellness routine.

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Take care of yourself, and let us know if you have questions about how to incorporate collagen into your lifestyle! #CollagenBenefits #WomenHealth #Wellness

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