Morton's Neuroma is defined as "a painful condition caused by thickening of the nerve tissue that affects the ball of the foot, most commonly occurs between the third and fourth toes but can appear anywhere" - search - reviewed by Dr. Shreenidhi Kulkarni -

Having to endure the pain of Morton's Neuroma for weeks, even months, with nothing short of agonizing discomfort. Treating Morton's Neuroma includes medication, procedures, therapy and self care.

That's where we come in. We have reviewed the top brands to help you find the right shoe.

It is made worse when you consider that many shoes are out of your reach because they do not provide the support and assistance you need - the collection on the shelf looks pretty and appealing, but in reality it does little to help ease your pain.

The best women's shoes for Morton's Neuroma will vary from person to person depending on what their specific needs are. That is why it is important to get some advice from a professional but  fashion ratings can help a little.

Our trained staff walked  through each shoe in this collection to provide some advice to ensure you find some that support your foot and keep some symptoms of Morton's Neuroma at bay.

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How We Pick The Best Women's Shoes For Morton's Neuroma?

When buying shoes , the last thing you need is to overspend on a pair that ends up not being comfortable.

So, we have picked the best womens shoes for Mortons Neuroma based on how many buyers rated it 4 or more stars after wearing them and wrote great reviews about them.

Read on and learn all about womens shoes for Morton's Neuroma that helped me find relief from my Constant Pounding Pain, Perineal Tingling, Shooting pain in my Toes, & even prevented Injuries. This review is NOT like any other review you have read before scroll down to what I have to say, I truly hope it helps.

OrthoComfoot Slip On

Why It made It To Our List

The orthotic insole features a hard TPU arch support and cushioning layer with PU memory foam base, which work together to relieve foot pain. Latex metatarsal pad supports help reduce pressure on the feet and fatigue as well.

The gel waves in the arch support inserts of an Orthocomfoot shoe  absorb shock and cushion your feet, while rugged construction withstands impact and makes them the perfect walking shoes. The particles cover massage as you walk!

These women's faux leather shoes are designed to make your feet feel light, with outstanding heat dissipation properties for all-round comfort. You can wear them as slip on fitness shoe or turn them into slippers—simply slide in whenever you want instant relaxation!

At the same time, it can perfectly demonstrate women's unique fashion sense.

OrthoComfoot Slip On Available in Leopard 😘

Photo by Amazon

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Something Else to Consider

The lightweight construction of the Orthocomfoot shoes will make your third and fourth toes feet feel less burdened during walking. The slip-on style makes them easy to put on and remove from your feet.

With the slip-on design and EVA rubber sole, these shoes provide excellent traction and stability on all surfaces. The environmental friendly lightweight soles offer decent grip while walking outdoors.

OrthoComfoot insoles are valuable for treating a range of foot problems and pain caused by various medical conditions, including plantar fasciitis (and other high-arch disorders), flat feet, heel spurs, meta-tarsalgia (forefoot pains) shin splints/mTSS, bunions, Morton's Neuroma - as well as diabetic neuropathy / nerve damage & excessive pronation.

These shoes have insoles that are almost as good as custom orthotics and safe for everyday wear. Nurses and Servers, who are on their feet constantly love these, they make all the difference with the great arch support.

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav V1

Why It Made To Our List

The New Balance fresh foam Roav running shoe is equipped with built-in features that will make your day more enjoyable. The midsole's fresh foam cushioning provides a plush feeling while remaining lightweight.

The Ndurance Technology in the rubber outsole makes these shoes durable, so you can wear them on any terrain—in the city or while running off-road. The ultra heel hugs your foot for a more supportive fit. These shoes are engineered to provide optimal comfort during workouts.

Roav 1080 shoes comes with a rubber sole and soft uppers, which helps to provide cushioning and support. It also has a rubber heel cup to help keep your foot in place. The shoe is made of mesh fabric for breathability, so you can wear it comfortably for long hours.

New Balance also has a wide toe boxes and have superior arch support so they are very good for wide feet and can relieve symptoms and pressure points. It has an anti-slip design that prevents your feet from slipping when you walk or run. The shoe is also lightweight and flexible, so you can wear it comfortably without any problems.

Featuring rugged good looks and cushioned comfort, the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav v1 running shoes are perfect for weekend warriors who want to push their limits.

New Balance Fresh FoaM ROAV V1

Photo by Amazon

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Something Else To consider

The New Balance Ultra Heel design hugs the back of this neutral running shoe's foot for a snug, supportive fit. A unique heel works alongside the bootie upper to provide all-day comfort.

These lightweight shoes have a heel-to-toe drop of approximately 8 millimeters. As with all handmade items, slight variances are normal during the development and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the Fresh Foam midsole is the first of three proprietary technologies in this athletic shoe that delivers an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride.

Increase the life of your favorite running shoes by stepping up your game with morton's neuroma. New Balance Ndurance rubber outsole technology provides superior durability in high-wear areas, so you can get more out of every run.

Comfoot Cushion Arch Support Slip On

Why It Made It To Our List

The shoes are made of high quality materials, and the OrthoFoot outsole is made of EVA+RUBBER. The shoes can be used for all kinds of occasions.

The shoes have a heel with a height of 1 cm, so they are comfortable to wear. They also have a double toe design, which can prevent the shoe from being worn down quickly.

You can easily walk in these shoes without feeling any pain or discomfort in your feet.

This shoe, made of high-quality canvas and exquisite craftsmanship, is designed to last. The lining of the Comfoot protects you from sweaty feet and fatigue by keeping your skin cool as you run. This shoe’s adjustable closure lets it fit securely on any foot type!

The Orthotics insert with soft and breathable cover provides a top-notch feet comfort. The arch support insole robustly balances the foot's force structure, providing convenient relief for people suffering from foot problems—all without breaking the bank!

A deep cradle in the Comfoot shoe offers stability and protection to heels, ankles and joints. It helps relieve Plantar Fasciitis (the most common cause of heel pain), Achilles Tendonitis, Ball-of-Foot Pain or any other type of foot pain caused by inflammation.

Comfoot Slip Ons 

Photo by Amazon

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Something Else To Consider:

Comfoot shoes have a lightweight EVA material with a durable rubber bottom helps to increase friction, providing stability and peace of mind when walking.

The wide forefoot and extra open back design allow you to slip them on/off easily. The low heel makes walking a breeze, and the flexible toe box lets your foot sit naturally as it should without being squeezed in any way.

These charming Comfoot slip ons are  made to work indoors or out. Their durable rubber soles keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer—any time of year!

This warm offering is easy to slip on and will provide an experience of putting on shoes. It can be matched with many outfits such as jeans, casual suits, sweatpants or sport skirts!

Orthofeet The Ultimate Walking Shoes for Women

Why It Made To Our List

With these shoes, your feet will be pampered by Orthofeet's signature cushioned Ortho-form system. The stretchable fabric uppers conform to the contours of your feet, distributing weight evenly and easing pressure on tender areas like bunions and corns.

Orthofeet shoes offer an effective solution to foot pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, knee problems or flat feet.

Premium orthotic insoles with adjustable arch booster and multiple cushioning layers provide soft, pillow-like support that works wonders to enhance comfort—and ease pain all along your feet, knees hips and lower back.

ERGONOMIC SOLES with a mild Rocker design and SUPERIOR CUSHIONING enhance STABILITY, improve the EASE OF WALKING—adding spring to your step!

Orthofeet Comfort Lace Up Walking Shoe 

Photo by Amazon

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Something Else To consider

Nonrestrictive, flexible uppers with extra foam padding and seam-free fabric interior make Comfoot shoes a favorite pick for people who suffer from diabetes, arthritis or neuropathy.

The WIDE TOE-BOX provides extra room for toes to move and reduces pressure on bunions, blisters, corns and calluses.

Orthofeet Comfoot shoes have a rubber sole and are made of leather. They have a two-tone design with a brown upper and black lining. The shoes are very comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time without causing any discomfort.

The shoe comes in sizes ranging from 8 to 12, and has a width of 1.5 inches. It is very affordable and affordable prices on make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for new shoes.

These shoes are great for people who are on their feet all day long, whether they're working from home or at their job. They're also good for people who wear orthopedic shoes because they're comfortable and won't cause any foot pain after wear."

A wide & roomy toe box along with an extra depth design offer a comfortable, non-binding fit for the front part of the foot and toes—avoiding pressure on bunions, hammertoes, morton’s neuroma & swollen feet.

Orthofeet shoes offer guaranteed comfort. Buy now to experience the unparalleled level of support and comfort—or walk away from your purchase risk-free! FREE shipping and returns on all orders.

Hey Dude Wendy Slip On Loafer

Why It Made To Our List

This UltraLIGHT canvas slip-on makes your life even easier when you need to wear dress shoes because it’s machine washable. Simply remove that memory foam insole before tossing it in with your other laundry!

Hey Dude's Wendy is perfect for layering with your favorite oversized cardigan or wearing as a dress—with either look, we're pretty sure these cute shoes will be your new best friend.

Memory foam insoles support your body's natural alignment and give you the ultimate barefoot experience by molding to the shape of your feet. This helps protect against impacts and compression when walking or running.

This shoe’s uniquely-shaped rounded toe design gives complete freedom of movement, and it will become an instant favorite in your modern-casual collection. The Hey Dude Wendy is the ideal women's comfort shoes!

Constructed with elastic laces, the shoe fits more uniformly and comfortably. The pair weighs under 5 ounces making it one of the lightest shoes on the market.

Something Else To consider

The relaxed look and feel of the Hey Dude Wendy shoes allow you to explore your passions and experience new places with the confidence that your feet will fit into any occasion.

The removable memory foam insole is cushioned to provide maximum comfort, and the open-cell structure promotes air flow and dries quickly.

Furthermore, the most comfortable shoes for the on-the-go person, our shoes won’t tie you down from achieving whatever you have planned for the day! Hey Dude Shoes, are designed with the Easy-On System to make getting out the door that much easier.

Best Women's Shoes for Mortons Neuroma FAQs

Following are some of the most asked question about Best Women's Shoes for Mortons Neuroma.

What type of shoes should an individual with a Morton's neuroma be wearing?

If you have a Morton's neuroma, you should avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or high-heeled. Too tight shoes can irritate the skin more, making it more prone to developing another type of neuroma. High heels may also be uncomfortable and cause further irritation which leads to a burning sensation.

Best Shoes with good support are ideal for those with Morton's neuromas because they keep the foot from arching and bending too much. Shoes that provide good arch support include running shoes, athletic shoes (such as basketball and football shoes), walking boots or sandals with a built-in arch support.

Is walking barefoot good for Morton's neuroma?

Walking barefoot or wearing flip flops is not good for Morton's neuroma. Neither is a narrow toe box.  There are many reasons for this.

  • First, you will be more likely to injure your foot if you walk barefoot. This can result in a trip to the emergency room or even surgery due to severe neuroma pain.
  • Second, walking on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt can cause further damage to your neuroma. You may want to consult with a Podiatrist for a custom orthotic mold to help reduce pressure.
  • Third, walking barefoot on grass is not good because it may damage your plantar fascia enough that it becomes painful and causes swelling. Fourth, walking barefoot in water can be dangerous because it can lead to cuts and infections in your feet.
  • Investing in the best shoe brands that will protect that third and fourth toe is essential when looking for the best shoes for morton's neuroma. Your shoes need to have supportive but cushioned soles, fit the foot properly and have a generous toe box.

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