You can't plan for everything , but don't let your mornings catch you off-guard. Just like you'd plan a week's worth of meals on a Sunday if you're trying to save time, give outfit planning a shot to make a simple way for stress-free mornings and reg-routfit-free days.

This Friday, you're looking in the closet to pick the right clothes for GNO but there is nothing that speaks to you.

How is it possible your closet is STUFFED?  Let's talk about it ...

25 Awesome Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

It's a battle that every woman has but it doesn't have to be complicated. It just takes a little time and some basic design rules.

You'll have a stylish look and a great time on every occasion. It is possible to alter your fashion choice slightly by personal style or personalities.

Balancing color, textures and fit  is what it's about to put together an outfit that you will feel comfortable in and confidence is the most beautiful thing we can carry. Read on to see tips on creating an aesthetic harmony.

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Have you ever had a problem choosing just the "right" jeans?

It can be hard to balance trendy clothing fashion and clothes that suit you well. It is important get the size of jeans or pants that are comfortable, easy to wash and are durable. When your daily wearing consists mostly from jeans, then you need a glue gun to stick patches to the holes unless you pick the right pair, or if you want holes in all the wrong places buy cheap lol.

It is an inexpensive way to make a unique pair of jeans to add funky stitches and hems. At virtually no cost  your denim can be decorated however you want. Cut out patches from an old blouse or T-Shirt you can longer wear.    Side note:If you want to alter these clothes, make sure you wash them twice before taking them to the tailor.😉

Capsule wardrobe

What should a capsule wardrobe contain?

Neutral-colored t-shirts, a pair of black slacks, one or two pairs of jeans, a cardigan for layering, and a black dress that can be dressed up or down are all good basic apparel pieces to include in your capsule wardrobe. Boom !

Working with a limited budget

What a challenge to shop for if we can’t decide on what to order to maintain our overall aesthetic as well as being on a tight budget.  

Here's the idea: Make a short list of 3 of your fave Pinterest looks.

Head out to your local thrift or vintage thrift store and ask the cashier what's just come in and show them what you are looking for.  

Alternatively, experiment looking at possible discounts or coupons. But never buy something because it is cheaper, cheaper isn't always better. Higher quality brands on sale is the gold.

This will help you to explore more classic dresses, pants, vintage suits as well as latest patterns of styles.

Remember that economical and cheap isn't synonymous. and quantity is not usually better than quality. Try for both.

Find Your great Style Vibe

How do you want to express your  personality? Is it streetwear? Classic elegance? The individuals beauty comes from feeling comfortable and therefore will exude confidence?  There is a feeling about a woman looking confident in her own skin!  It's a strong and captivating sight. Embrace your personal style!

Think about someone else's style that you admire and adjust it to fit you. For example: you love your neighbors look in all leather but would never be comfortable it that outfit, find a cute cropped leather jacket and wear over jeans and a T-shirt, this builds on the complexity of a whole stylish look your friend wears but is modified to your comfort zone.  

As you capture the fashion essence of an overall style and you can play with it too, Stop living on the sidelines and take a chance. Sometimes just adding a statement piece of jewelry is enough to elevate your look and make you feel great.

Ross Simons Chunky Chain Necklace

Photo by Amazon

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Discover what you like and why you like it, then wear's that easy

It seems that the most beautiful people can easily create their own wardrobes just by following their taste in clothing. Then the designers make clothes according to how they felt, or so you think.

Most celebrities and influencers have stylists like Anna Saavedra, based out of Florida and Chicago, founder of , Anna helps people look like they effortlessly picked ALL the right things!

Book a session with a stylist to truly understand what you like. Take notes with you to your meeting as well as pics of outfits you have worn and felt great in, a great stylist wont pressure into something you won't feel comfortable in but will enhance and elevate your natural comfort zone.

They will help you choose the things that make you feel good in the world makes all the difference in the world and maybe gently nudge you to wear something a little more than you would normally choose - we don't grow if we don't try new things  .

"It's such an awesome dress, I have to have it”  “The trousers are great, I'm sure they'll”  "This shirt is so bizarre but I love it"  

Often, these are impulse buys that we regret later. Unless it's a sale item and if it is expensive, sleep on it! If you are still thinking about it when you wake up then you really want it.

Another way to see if you actually like, or dislike, something take notes and pics on what you felt great in, or didn't. Just because you love the way something looks doesn't mean you will like how it feels when you wear it. That's ok!

Extend the life of your cashmere

Shopping for cashmere with a sense of purpose can help you get the best possible products for a long and happy wardrobe life. Its ok to spend a good chunk but only if you buy the right quality and take care of it the right way.

The creation of cashmere has multiple processes some are left out which may result in a poor quality product.

There is one indication which can help you see through the confusing process. The ply and the stretch will reveal a lot about the raw materials used, so try stretching it the springier the better.

You may pay a high  price to get good a cashmere piece, so you'll need to wash it in gently in  cold water with a very mild detergent.

Dry cleaning can actually cause breakdown of the fibers. Preserve your investment by using cedar or moth repellents in your closet, especially near your woolens.

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap 

Photo by Amazon

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Determine and embrace your body shape

Our bodies and our minds are our most precious assets. When we are struggling to understand how to fit our uniquely perfect shape it may inhibit creative ideas and make it difficult for us, leaving us feeling overwhelmed. Please keep in mind the average woman does not look like what we see in social media posts or on Tik Tok.

A crucial part of a smart purchasing strategy is to have a realistic perception of your beautiful shape and to then accentuate what you love most.

Your body changes as you age too, but that doesn't mean you can't dress sexy or sporty.  Add a denim jacket to a tank to hide arms you don't love. A classic wrap dress looks good on every size and every age.

Floerns Wrap Ruffle Hem Dress

Photo by Amazon

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Triple Time your look

A favorite styling technique I have is adding 3 pieces.

For example, adding a new expensive (gotten on sale is even better) piece to the rotation, like a new silk shirt to an old pair of jeans and boots, or add a new chunky, or elegant, statement piece of jewelry and an outrageous color bag.

This will add another complete outfit to your wardrobe, take a pic of yourself in the new combo and send to a trusted friend for honest feedback if you get a thumbs up save the pic and refer to it when you can't decide what to wear.

Keep a file: date night looks, GNO outfits, Running errand looks - yes, we said "running errands looks" how many times have you been out and saw your old high school or college friend or worse, your boss,  who looks great and you look like you just cleaned out the fireplace?

These things make a difference in how we feel about ourselves. You don't have to wear a ballgown every day but a putting together a proper fitting set of leggings with a great T shirt and clean sneakers, this can make you look and feel like a million dollars.

Rotating in a new statement piece helps you elevate your day to day wardrobe and clothes to keep you wearing outfits what you love. Try rotating in things you rarely wear with things you wear often. You will be happily surprised. If you don't like it give it away or sell it - make room for new treasures that you love.

A person's style and look should come from a selection of clothing you feel comfortable wearing only !! A fav silk shirt, jeans, worn-in boots. It's all up to you.

Remember, it only takes one expensive or elegant piece to make any outfit look like it costs a fortune.

Equipment Women's Stripe Silk Blouse 

Photo by Amazon

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Wear your entire wardrobe at least once a week

You have something that you don't wear anymore? Our rule is if you haven't worn it for FIVE years you probably won't ( JK the rule is loosely 6 months to a year but we say 2 years. If you have the room put all of your "haven't worn for 6 months" into another area so it doesn't clog your closets chi.

Don't worry, Marie Kondo is in the house! Use her  simple and effective way for cleaning the clothes in the wardrobe without investing in a new wardrobe. You will surely find treasures you forgot you had buried in the glut.

When you wear anything you feel something new, a fresh energy and people around you will feel it too. If you have a doubt that you are facing hard time throwing something, wear it around the house for the day, how do you feel ? Does it bring you joy? When you look in the mirror does it make you twirl or hurl?  If it does either one of those things you will have your answer.

Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up 

Photo by Amazon

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Girl, do your hair more often

Self care is vital to our well being. Hair, skin and nails are just as important as what we are wearing.

It decreases our self-image. Think about if a handsome guy never grooms his facial hair after an event or imagine a famous man with post-workout hair on his face on the red carpet.

This does not mean you have to be coiffed each morning. Just the added effort of washing your face, brushing your hair or using a scrub like the new all organic brand , by Founder and CEO Ashland Thomas out of Chicago, use it in the shower before you leave the house you will look and feel brighter and smell great!

Add a new neutral color

Neutral is black or white, grays and navy. Do brighter colors intimidate you? are you are bored with your style? Consider incorporating other neutral colors in patterns and prints. It includes black, green, cream, blush and camel.

Apply the principle: When you consider buying something new, try something you wouldn't normally wear, like a leopard print, but in the colors you always wear. Take a chance! You will be happily surprised.

Wdirara Leopard Halter Vest

Photo by Amazon

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Old things must go!

You have no way of getting over hoarding clothes from the 6th grade without a little help. Bring your grown up self, and a friend to your closet!

What are the most essential items in the closet? Make it a game. Stop avoiding non negotiable clutter, even when it comes to clothes! Leave only the items that are still useful or that you LOVE and cannot live without. If the clothes are going away, consider donating or selling, will feel great to clear the air.

If you have things that can't be donated or sold consider checking out they have a program to recycle ALL textiles that are not fit to remain in circulation, but shouldn't go to the dump.

Treat yourself like a queen

Fashion choices and beauty can have a bigger impact on your health than you might think.

Keeping healthy starts with rest - whatever your responsibilities are during your days, you don't need any interruptions in your sleep time. Most of the people who have heard of this term Beauty Sleep know that it's no myth.

Make a beautiful and healthy bed of silk for your rest. Keep your room cool and dark and try some lavender spray on your pillow. If you can't make your space dark, consider an eyelash sparing sleep mask.

Yiview Eye Mask 

Photo by Amazon

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Stretch new shoes painlessly

Uncomfortable tight shoes are THE WORST. It's not just high heels who are culprits. Everyday loafers and flats can cause blisters too.

If you can't get the shoe cobbler to stretch on the rack try this simple method,  the freezer, oh yes? Putting some freezer bags in your shoe and putting them into your fridge overnight can make the biggest impact in the morning.

Franco Sarto Womens Patent Loafers

Photo by Amazon

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Make your clothes work for you

Getting up and getting dressed, that's no mystery. Liking what you see in the mirror is what can be a challenge. Planning ahead is a great way to overcome this.

Depending how your figure is built, you must emphasize your features properly. If you are short or short waisted,  make your torso look longer with solid colors, pair with nude pumps to  help lengthen your legs.

Schutz Joseanna Sandal Stiletto 

Photo by Amazon

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Dress it up in a couple of seconds – bow tie, clip on earrings on flats

There are all sorts of tricks and tips for dressing up an outfit with a quick fix. For example, a nice touch is a shoe bow tie.

You can upgrade your every day flat shoes by clipping these cuties onto your shoes and voila, you have a party shoe.

Big event coming? Shop with a plan

If it's a Black Tie party, you will certainly spend time looking for the perfect dress . Your hair and makeup must be perfect and so should your dress.

Floerns Womens Party Dress

Photos by Amazon

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The rules of showing skin

There are always rules about skin but who set them ?

We say keep it very simple. Also, if you do want to show  skin, leave some things to the imagination.

It's always good to keep things tasteful, especially at a wedding or a serious event.

Impulsive shopping – MAKE IT STOP

It's not good for people to buy things they don't need. And not necessarily. And not at least not always.

This is what is true among us. If you have waited until some product went on sale - yes take it. But if the dress you're looking for has a low price then you should think if it is not available. I'm ready.

Stock up on women's scarves

Talk about the fashion tips related to accessories, the most fashionable accessory is a scarf. The scarf would be available in all different sizes and shapes so you can definitely find the one that fits the style you prefer.

This is a quick and effective way to add to any outfit and make each outfit look like millions of dollars.

Neweerir Mulberry Silk Scarves

Photo by Amazon

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A comfortable outfit is a must for a fun night out

Start every outfit with selecting comfortable footwear that complement and coordinate the outfit. As gorgeous as a pair of stilettos might be make sure that they are the right size and fit and consider cushioned inserts and even anti-blister spray before a night, or day, on the town!

If you are attending a wedding or a big celebration think about packing a pair of glittery flip flops, or some cushioned flats, and a way to fasten your dress up if it is long so you can dance and have fun!

If all else fails just take the darn things off ..the Bride and Groom would rather see a pic of you dancing then sitting at the table because your feet hurt.

It's a PARTY so have FUN ...that's a direct order.

The Drop Avery Square Toe Nude Heel

Photo by Amazon

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Organize your closet every three months

All this talk about minimizing, capsule wardrobes and paring down are great BUT organizing things is the second part of this!

These drawer inserts for socks and underwear look plain enough but when you open your drawers and don't have to root through a pile of weekend underwear to get to work underwear will start your day off right !

Amazon Drawer Organization Systems

Photo by Amazon

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Belts are your best friend

Everyone needs a proper belt. First it may be a necessity and secondly it is a great way to enhance a simple outfit. A good quality belt can accentuate your shape, thin out your waist and make a statement all at once.

Coach Monogram Belt

Photo by Amazon

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Fashion tips to ensure you always look stylish - 2022 - Masterclass

Arm yourself with competence

As a chef, the menu is developed through the creative thinking of the master. A student must master knife yield and chopping before going into a kitchen.

A student of style must master color balancing, how it works, what doesn't and when to take risks and throw out the rulebook.

Self expression does not always give way to a polished look. Improve your knowledge of the rules and the rough edges for more free play become possible.

Keep an eye out for masters sharing fashion knowledge, like this style guide, fashion tips, like ours and learn skills to become your own expert stylist.

I hope you've found confidence to play and experiment with your looks after reading today. In a short time, you will have confidence to start exploring your own creativity and expanding your style possibilities.

Accessorize with bold colors or items

Accessorizing is one of the best way to personalize any wardrobe. It is crucial to finishing any intentional look.

Many people wear clothes  of neutral colors, accessories with a little color or tone will elevate your look and make it look effortless.

You can always choose a wild color or print and still maintain a relatively muted vibe if you really want to take a chance. Don't be shy - YOLO.

A fun addition to an accessory that everyone forgets is changing out buttons - Try replacing the garments in the outfit you chose.

It requires no sewing expertise and it fits almost all money budgets. Replace boring plastic buttons with these Lion Heads to elevate a plain blazer.

Fashion Buttons 

Photo by Amazon

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Open your mind

Most of us have so many  clothes compared to accessories. Adding a scarf or a chunky necklace will allow you to experiment with color, makeup too.

Try imitating your favorite celebrity and add their look to your closet.

Have you ever tried menswear?

Apart from being a very strong style statement it's often more comfortable. Take a great mens blazer and wear as a dress or over leggings and cinch with a crushy belt.

Dandevy Oversized Blazer

Photo by Amazon

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Accessorize Your Outfits Away

Accessories often elevate the entire outfit. You don't have to spend a lot of cash on accessories. A tiny necklace can make a whole wardrobe.

Kendra Scott Necklace

Photo by Amazon

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Prepare – Practice The Mantra

When you're planning on going shopping on weekends, do your homework online first so you won't have a chance to overspend.

Take outfits from Pinterest and keep them in your photos so you can stay focused.

Dressing stylishly is much simpler than it seems

With all the online platforms today it's easy to swim down a rabbit hole but if you stay focused and use the search option it can keep you on task. Blogs like ours hope to let all women see the different options out there.

We don't believe all women want to glam up - many like casual elegance or a sporty look. SO we hope we are filling the bill here at

Be smart when you buy a jacket

Jackets are one item that must fit properly. It is almost impossible to alter a jacket to fit. Make sure it fits through the shoulders by giving yourself a hug, it shouldn't tug or restrict your movement in any way!

Levis Asymmetrical Moto Jacket 

Photo by Amazon

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Denim – Find Your Fit And Save It For Life

High rise and low rise, bootcut, boyfriend, and baggy. So many options.

We recommend first, comfort!  A great pair of jeans should feel like you are not wearing anything. They should not ride up or cut into your flesh - seems like a no brainer but we've all bought THOSE jeans before.

If you buy a good quality pair you will get more wear from them and they will last longer. We would opt to spend a few more dollars on a reliable brand.

Levis Ribcage Women's Straight leg

Photo by Amazon

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Play with prints and patterns

Playing with style of print patterns is a skill. Some people have an inherent talent for matching prints and bold colors and others must learn.

There are no rules anymore, just one... have fun.

Zesica One Shoulder Bold Floral Print Dress

Photo by Amazon

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Own Classics – Trench, Leather, Denim Jackets

Classics like these are timeless and all girls need them to go into their closets. They are useful throughout the years and often never go out of style or quickly return to the style rotation.

Look at Burberry! Their classic trench has been around for decades and are always a hot search on the trade platforms.

Chouyatou Womens Denim Trench 

Photo by Amazon

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Check out every angle

Take a little time to shop and choose clothes. Look around you. Some garments are also seen through during the day - check the light another way.

Learn Color Wheel

Looking for dresses that fit perfectly your hourglass figure? Maybe the idea is a little unnecessary, but it is an exciting and useful tool.

Remember, that you should  only use three colors in a single outfit.

Take A Long Essential Fashion Color Wheel

Photo by Amazon

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Scarves – Come A Long Way In All Seasons

Wool, silks, satins and linen. They have everything. Some work wonders during winter, while others are summer-style. Some are interchangeable.

Melifluous Made In Spain Lightweight Scarves

Photo by Amazon

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For Beginners, Know Your Body Type

Only you know about your personal style and how you feel in an outfit. It works this way, if it's clean and feels good to you, wear it but now you will always have a few fashion tips up your sleeves.

These are just some Fashion Fundamentals: A Beginners Guide For Women Who Want To Improve Their Personal Style — We hope we got you going.

In a sea of new style and latest trends of outfits, it is critical to discover your personal style and select clothes that you you can pull and fit perfectly.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin and exude confidence.

When it comes to developing a personal style, we are frequently influenced by trending fashion tips or celebrities, but dressing like someone else is rarely a smart option.

As you may be aware, the majority of the wardrobe does not appear the same on the catwalk. Whether you are in the process of discovering a new style or have been wearing the same outfits for years, it is critical that you understand how to best express yourself and shine at every opportunity.

Have fun and always be comfortable in your own skin and you will be gorgeous, guaranteed.

As Amazon Ambassadors we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases made through our site and links, at no cost to you. Happy Shopping 🛍

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