Compression shorts are an essential and valuable addition to any athletic wardrobe.

Workouts can be hard, but having the right gear doesn't have to be! Compression shorts are a great way to get the most out of your workout without sacrificing comfort or style.

They provide extra support and help you move more freely, allowing you to power through with ease. Plus, they come in all kinds of colors and designs, giving you ample opportunity to look your best while breaking a sweat!

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If you want superior coverage that doesn't weigh you down, we recommend Lululemon's Wunder Train High-Rise Shorts .

Built with moisture-wicking Everlux fabric, they're lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking. To keep the garment from losing its shape, they've added four-way stretch and Lycra for stretch and shape retention reducing chafing and 360-degree stretch for extra comfort.




The Reebok Chase Solid Shorts are designed to minimize distractions while you run with a snug fit and elastic waist that stays in place through sprinting, lunging, jumping, squatting, and any high-intensity workout.

These compression shorts have a large phone pocket and an adjustable drawstring waistband with multiple pockets for storage. Reebok Chase Solid Shorts feature a classic design with a smooth and sleek finish.

These compression spandex shorts utilize Speedwick fabric and sweat wicking fabric. These are a great option for those with beautiful legs.

Reebok Chase solid 

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CompressionZ have extra, highly functional space for personal items storage and all the other good stuff that makes them a sure contender on our Top list of best shorts for running.

CompressionZ is made with a thicker material than most high waist biker shorts, however, this does not mean heavier. The material is light, breathable and awards epic support. They fit anatomically to the muscles and aid in a variety of movement, enhancing any workout.

Most reviewers have raved about the impeccable support, pockets inseam and buttery soft fabric and have converted over from higher-end well-known brands and voted by many women as the best overall athletic short.


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Wearing compression shorts while running, cycling, or other high-intensity exercises offers athletes plenty of benefits. The shorts can help promote the flow of oxygen and blood, reducing muscle fatigue, decreasing recovery time, and ultimately enhancing muscle stability and overall performance.

Reports on high-quality compression shorts for running have not been that conclusive about the roles of compression gear on directly improving your lactate clearance. While different brands will claim that using compression shorts will allow you to run harder longer, science does not totally back that up.

There are definitely great subjective advantages to wearing compression shorts, like a faster and more complete recovery but do not think that those are magical shorts that will make you run faster and longer, that ability is a combination of technology (such as compression shorts) and your actual physical training.

Who is wearing compression shorts

All high intensity athletes benefit from increased blood flow, stimulating the movement of oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood to the muscles and keeping them warm, supple, and ache-free.

But you don't have to be an athlete to wear or benefit from wearing compression shorts. You can wear them while running, working out or just during an average day of running around, but they're most often used during recovery from exercise or medical conditions.

Why Wear Sweat Wicking Compression Shorts?

Wearing compression shorts during a run or workout provides the user with plenty of fact-based benefits. They can help to promote oxygen and blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue, decrease recovery time, enhance muscle stability, absorb shock, and more.

The best cooling compression short is the Under Armour HeatGear. These women's compression biker shorts have a  great fit with mesh panels that offer maximum ventilation.

With a second-skin fit, you'll barely even notice you're wearing these Under Armour mid-length shorts.

Plus, the updated design features smart craftsmanship to keep seams off chafe-prone areas, while strategically-placed mesh panels ventilate the areas where you need it most.

Under Armour



Best For Weightlifting

Under Armour HeatGear Shorts Silicone band around the thigh keeps these in place, even with squats Solid compression for the glutes Ultra-thin construction for better sweat wicking and heat reduction

UnderArmour Heat 

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Best for CrossFit

Nike thick waist band Non-pilling fabric for superior longevity 5” inseam for maximum coverage.You know that feeling you get when you put on your favorite set of workout gear and hit the gym. These will do it.


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Best for Cross-Training

Alo Yoga high-waist biker short is versatile and designed for runners who go commando. No pockets and fit change half tights.


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Which Brand is Best for the Budget?

Neleus  3 Pack Compression Short on Amazon If you  wear compression shorts more than a few times a week, you might want to opt for this three-pack that comes at a steal of a price. These shorts can be worn alone for Cross Fit workouts or under a pair of athletic shorts for when you need more coverage. They provide a lot of support and have excellent compression

Women's shorts typically go from 3 inches to 8 inches long. You should first decide what's most comfy for you, then stick to something you know or go for a middle-of-the-range length.


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How can I prevent chafing from running?

You can prevent chafing when you run by choosing tight compression running shorts that completely cover areas that are prone to chafing, such as your inner thighs.

Making sure that your running apparel is either seamless or has flat seams and a flat waistband  and has a dri fit technology. Choosing compression clothing that is made of sweat-wicking material to keep you dry and cool .Using a lubricant or anti-chafe stick or cream over any areas in which you are prone to chafe before you put on your clothes Making sure none of your apparel bunches, including your socks.

What is moisture wicking fabric composed of ?

A combination of polyamide and elastane allows the Challenge to dry quickly and keep you cool as a cucumber.

They also have a wide waistband that comes with an adjustable drawcord and a zippered back pocket to stash gels and lip balm. One runner raved about these double-layer shorts because they didn't rise up on her thighs while she ran.

How Tight Should Compression shorts be?

If the compression shorts are too large, they don't help with lactic acid build-up, rendering the compression useless. To ensure the fit works for you, try on the shorts and go for a short run to see if the clothing moves well with your body and you don't feel any particular restrictions.

Most of the time, the material is moisture-wicking too, so you can count on mostly dry shorts by the end of your run. Material Compression shorts should be a blend of nylon, lycra, polyester  and spandex. You might also prefer a more comprehensive mixture of materials that includes neoprene, cotton, and bamboo.

All of these are used to create a stretchy and tight, but breathable fabric. Some shorts will also offer more compression than others.

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