The classic chelsea boot may be less eye-catching than the leg-lengthening thigh-high or the equestrian over-the-knee.

What it lacks in height, it makes up for in adaptability — we'd be ready to say that best chelsea boots are the one piece of footwear you can wear all year long.

To select the best ankle boots, we polled shoe experts about their favorite pairs available at amazon stores.

To guarantee we didn't overlook any remarkable women's ankle boots, we combed through our archives for any that we deemed the best of the best women's ankle boots.

Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Women's Ankle Boots

According to our panelists, Docs, or Dr Martens, layout are the gold standard for ankle boots, and the 2976s are the original Chelsea and is a unisex boot.

The 2976s heading filter are a go-to for NY Review Books marketing manager Abigail Dunn because of their delicacy compared to certain chunkier Docs, thanks to a scarcely there platform and almost matte leather mules.

Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Boots
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Jenni Lee, founder of premium sock maker Comme Si, notes that this classic chelsea boot is useful as well as ageless, serving as a slush-fighting machine in the winter and a rain beige boot in the spring.

They also made our list of the greatest Chelsea boots, with Freddie Harrel, creator of beauty business RadSwan, saying the 2976s give him a "extra-badass edge."

Dr. Martens Flora Smooth Chelsea Boots

The Floras were the most talked-about pair in the Chelsea-boots saga. The streamlined sole "makes these feel a little more grownup,"

Dr. Martens Flora Smooth Chelsea Boots
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according to New York Times Magazine editor Iva Dixit, a grown-up vibe that New York Times senior software engineer Nozlee Samadzadeh attributes to the flatter heel, which saves makes these leather chelsea boots looking a little more sophisticated than some of the other Docs out there.

However, their reduced height is still useful: Strategist associate editor Jenna Milliner-Waddell claims that she has yet to step into a puddle or mound of snow that these couldn't handle.

Every expert who has advised the Floras agrees that they are also long-lasting and one of the best pairs of chelsea boots for women.

According to Dixit, the mirror like polish eventually develops a patina that makes them appear pre-loved women's chelsea boots rather than worn out.

Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor at The Zoe Report, loves to wear chelsea boots and attributes Dr Martens longevity to good ol' British craftsmanship.

Blundstone 500 Series Original Boots

The Strategist has received a lot of acclaim for the sueded leather chelsea boot by Blundstone, but the 500s in particular were a major favorite with the obsessives we spoke with. It is voted one of the best waterproof chelsea boots for women and men and are known for their cushiony rubber soles.

Blundstone 500 Series Original Boots
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Sisters co-founder Jo Zasloff says it best: "These are the ultimate everyday boot." They are also voted the best chelsea rainboot. Emily Vaca, proprietor of inflatable-pool retailer Minnidip, regards these Blunnies "as the cool kids call them" as a true workhorse.

She pairs her Blundstone 500s with Dickies for a great and solid work boot and then goes out for cocktails after work. Eva Alt, a dancer and consultant, utilizes her Blunnies to navigate slick metropolitan streets.

And audio producer Amy Pedulla loves how Blundstones improve with age, creating a feeling of  "smudgy, cozy glove on your feet."

Pedulla also revealed an industry secret: almost everyone in podcasting wears Blundstones. Pedulla, for one, relies on them as a work boot while she transports heavy audio equipment between studios.

TinsTree Chunky-Sole Leather Lug Chelsea Boots

If you're searching for an ankle boot that hits a little higher, Hilary Reid, a former Strategist writer (and & Other Stories enthusiast), recommends a pair of Tinstree Lug Soles. These are a great option as one the best chelsea rain boots of those who purchased a pair

A hefty, treaded lug sole provides ample traction for dangerous fallen leaves or ice-covered sidewalks in this take on the traditional Chelsea.

Chunky-Sole Leather Chelsea Boots
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Reid describes the Tinstree brand's leather as "premium looking" and "some of the best-quality leather at the price point" in terms of manufacturing. Its also a very stylish platform chelsea boots .

Ganni Women's Oyster Grey Mid Chelsea Boots

Ganni, branded the "Danish Mansur Gavriel" by us, creates tactical-looking boots that Taylor Tomasi Hill, creative and fashion director of the Yes, and fashion content producer Tilly Macalister-Smith both adore. A strong contender to any italian leather chelsea boot out there.

Ganni Women's Oyster Grey Mid Chelsea Boots
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These Ganni recycled-rubber boots are courtesy of Macalister-Smith, who says that while they look high-end, they aren't and they are sustainable — which is why she was ready to make an exception to her secondhand-shopping habit for them.

They are virtually unbreakable, according to Macalister-Smith, and can withstand anything from cold streets to garden adventures. They are easy to get on and off because of the elastic side panels.

The Ganni Boots are so comfy that they rival sneakers — and, surprisingly, she claims she didn't have to break them in.

GATUXUS Women's Glove Chunky Mid Heel Ankle Boots

The Gatuxus Glove Boot is one of the more affordable options on this list, but that doesn't make it any less desirable — both stylist Christel Langué and blogger-TikToker Nana Castro praise it.

Gatuxus Women's Pointed Toe Sock Style Bootie

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This lowish block heel Gatuxus pick makes shoes pedestrian-friendly — Langué wears them with cropped jeans and when she knows she'll be walking for a long time and wants to stay free from foot pain.

"These ankle boots are made from regenerated plastic bottles, though you'd never know from the knit look," Castro says of the Gatuxus ankle boots.

These black women's ankle boots are among the top deals at Amazon store. A pair in black or beige are a perfect match for any dress or occasion.

Dr. Martens Black Audrick Platform Chelsea Women's Ankle Boots

This is the platform edition of the 2976s  Audrick Docs that took home the title of Overall Best slip on booties . Lisa Sokolov, co-founder of Social Goods, purchased these boots out of nostalgia because she had worn Docs on and off since middle school.

Dr. Martens Black 2976 Platform Chelsea Boots
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The one-and-a-half-inch platform and two-inch heel pair offer her a bit more heel height than other chelsea boots, but that doesn't take away from how comfortable these stylish Doc's are to walk in. Worn with skinny jeans is a classic club look.

This isn't the first time we've heard about these Dr Marten Chelseas Boots – Elizabeth Tamkin, Kule's content and partnerships manager, is also a fan of the versatile thicker-soled Docs classic chelsea boot.

Vintage Foundry Boots

Best lower priced square-toe ankle boots. Black Vintage Foundry ankle boots are the square toes, which straddle the line between fresh and traditional. These Foundry booties will look great if you wear them with jeans and leggings.

While the  others have a curved edge, these Vintage Foundry booties have a sharper curvature to the toes, giving them a more western ankle boots vibe that contrasts with the sculptural block heel.

Vintage Foundry 

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Another reason to love this Vintage Foundry pair style, according to Hill, is their high quality leather.

Woman wearing snakeskin boots
Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras / Unsplash

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