Wading through hundreds of ballet flats for wide feet might give anyone blisters. Tens of thousands of customer reviews make finding the very best seem impossible.

We'll help you find the most comfortable womens wide width flats for wide feet and bunions. What's a socially responsible, ethically-produced, velcro-friendly flat with positive customer feedback that won't cost the Earth but looks gorgeous?

Admit it – you're intrigued! With our eagle eye product research team and review-filtration process, you can find stunning comfy flats in no time.

We've reviewed some truly beautiful ballet flats for the widest, flattest feet. Styled in soft leathers or bright colors, they'll fit your budget and personality.Fancy something that stands-out like a leopard print?

Something elegant and comfortable to catch your eye as you step on stage or walk through the airport?

Grab yourself a pair of any of the below wide width flat shoes and get ready to spend some serious time on the dance floor!

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How We Choose The Best Ballet Flats For Wide Feet?

What the comfy ballet flats? Everyone has a different idea. We've reviewed hundreds of products so you don't have to. It’s hard to find that one great product you’re looking for. If you don't buy it right away it’s even harder to find it again!

From our experience we know there is a better way of finding the best ballet flats for wide feet. That is why we decided to create To find the very best for you because time is precious.

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As we know finding the best products isn't easy so we have made it our goal to help you do it faster and easier than ever before. So wherever you are on your journey, we have saved you time looking for the best products.

Charles Albert Women's Ballet Flat

Why It Made to Our List

The Charles ballet flat has 100% Synthetic Imported Thermoplastic Elastomers sole, with a crochet knit upper and rubber sole. For sure, it is a modern take on the classic, ballet flat into a comfortable shoe. It also has a wide toe box and padded foot bed for maximum comfort.

The flats from Charles Albert will make all of your wardrobe staples more stylish by giving them a touch of glitz and glamour. These shoes are perfect for any occasion as they can be worn with jeans, skirts or dresses.

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These versatile flats look great with everything and are made of high-quality, breathable materials.

More so, these ultra-comfortable flats are made of 100% cruelty-free suede and leather. By choosing to wear these shoes instead of those made from animals, you will be helping the planet by reducing our use of animal resources.

Charles Albert Crochet Knit Flat

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Something Else to Consider

These women’s summer ballet flat shoes are perfect for bringing a little polish to your everyday outfits—whether you're strolling around the city or getting ready for work.

The Parisian-inspired look and unbelievable comfort with a pointed toe flats make them a great option for both mornings and evenings, when you want to slip into something comfortable but still look chic.

These adorable ballet shoes are crafted from a high-quality latex footbed that keeps your feet happy 24/7, as well as soft and breathable healthy lining. The outside is made of 100% vegan suede which will ensure you never sweat again – even if you wear them for long hours!

Silver Ballet Skimmer
Photo by Amazon 

Also, they come with a non-skid, durable rubber sole and are perfect for walking, driving or sightseeing all day. They keep your feet comfortable and stylish at all times.

With a timeless silhouette, roomy toe box and an almond-shaped toe that flatters any foot, these ballet flats are perfect for women of all ages. Similarly, a gift of a great pair of shoes is always welcome, and these gorgeous flats are the perfect way to make someone's day.

Whether you're looking for something stylish that matches any outfit or need a comfortable option for everyday wear, these beautiful women's slip ons will impress anyone who receives them!

Bejeweled Lace Up Ballet Shoe
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DailyShoes Ballet Flat Shoes

Why It Made to Our List

The DailyShoes wide ballet flat is a classic American shoe with a flexible sole and lightweight construction. The ballet flat has an extended toe box, which gives this shoe more arch support and comfort. This is the perfect shoe for people who want to be able to wear their dress shoes all day, but also enjoy wearing sneakers at night.

Under the toe of these comfortable flats, the shaft measures approximately 2.5" from the arch, which makes them perfect for all day wear. AND, the platform measures approximately 0.25 inches, so these flats are best for those with normal to low arches.

These shoes are designed to give you maximum comfort using elastic straps and contoured soles. The toe box offers a comfortable fit, while the arch support ensures that your feet stay healthy all day long—no matter how much walking you do!

Knit Ballet Shoe
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Moreover, the pair is are made of touchable fabric that has a summery, non-slip texture. They have an elastic ankle strap for comfort and appeal. These women's ballet flats also comes with an elastic ankle strap for easy on-and-off wear, and a convenient zipper in the heel allows them to be slipped off easily when desired.

DailyShoes Ballet Flat for Wide Feet 

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Something Else to Consider

The DailyShoes ballet flats with elastic straps are ultra-soft, faux-suede shoes that can be paired with any of your favorite attire.

These shoes are designed to outlast plenty of wears because they have been constructed with long-lasting materials. The elastic strap and zipper make it easy to slip into these ballet flats, which are a simple yet stylish way to complete an outfit.

These shoes have a memory foam insole which are cute and warm, and have a feminine elastic ankle strap. They're excellent for wear out to lunch and comfortable enough to run errands in.

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Ollio Women's Ballet

Why It Made to Our List

The Ollio Women's D'Orsay Ballet is a ballet shoe that offers comfort and support. It has a synthetic leather upper, a leather lining, and a rubber sole for flexibility and durability. These shoes are stylish, comfortable and suitable for dance classes or every day activities. They can be worn for hours at a time without causing any pain.

These slipper shoes have a comfortable fit that keeps your feet safe and comfy. With its solid-color fabric lining providing added comfort while you wear them for extended periods—it's no surprise they're so popular!

Ollio Women's Faux Suede Flat

Photo by Amazon

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Also, you can match the shoes with a variety of colors and patterns, including grayish blue and pink. The durable flexible rubber outsoles allow you to fold them up into their matching carrying pouches for easy transportation wherever you go!

Something Else to Consider

These ballet shoes are made with a high-quality material and have been designed to be comfortable. The shoes are designed to provide you with the best quality that you can get in a shoe as they are made with Man-made Material, which means that they are reliable and durable.

These walking shoe have been designed to fit properly so that you can wear them comfortably without any problem or issue. They also have a heel height of 0.3", which means that they will not affect your style while dancing and performing on stage, which is the most important thing when it comes to dancing.

We recommend sizing down half a size (it is due to the shape of the shoes. Fit can vary with the shape of feet too—for example, wider feet feel a little bit tight or true-to-size; however, narrow ones tend to be loose.)

Croc Embossed Loafer
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Lucky Brand Women's Emmie Ballet Flat

Why It Made To Our List

Friends since childhood, creators Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman launched the first Lucky Brand line in 1990. Since then their great-fitting jeans and accessories have helped make them renowned for vintage-inspired apparel that's both comfortable and stylish.

This Lucky flat is a stylish pair that are crafted from beautiful genuine leather for wide feet. The Emmie ballet flat has been made using the finest materials and quality craftsmanship, delivering comfort and support to your feet.

The Emmie is a versatile style which can be worn with jeans, skirts or dresses and features a rounded toe and a comfortable memory foam insole. The interior of the shoe is lined with a soft microfiber fabric that will keep your feet soft and comfortable.

Lucky Brand Emmie Flat 

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Something Else To Consider

Rooted in rock 'n' roll, upscale casual apparel company Lucky Brand is known for its sense of humor and an unwavering dedication to an authentic product.

Furthermore, this fun, girly Emmie flat from Lucky Brand is not only cute—it's versatile! The fabric or leather upper has a plain rounded toe and elasticized top line, while the man-made lining makes for lasting comfort. This shoe's flexible rubber sole and lightly padded footbed make it comfortable and supportive.

Please keep in mind that, while sizes may vary between brands, you can use the size charts on each shoe's page to find the best fit for your foot.

Dearfoams Women's Original Comfort Misty Flat Ballet

Why It Made To Our List

Misty Flat Ballet is a comfortable flat that's perfect for any occasion. The Misty Flat Ballet features a soft, plush upper with breathable mesh lining and cushioned footbed for total comfort all day long.

Another thing, an adjustable hook and loop strap wraps around the ankle for an easy fit, while a stylish low heel provides a smooth transition from heel to toe.

With the Misty Flat Ballet's soft synthetic upper, you can wear it with anything from casual jeans to a dressy outfit without sacrificing style. The Misty Flat Ballet has an adjustable hook and loop strap that wraps around your ankle to keep it secure under any type of heel height or pumps.

The contoured footbed has a cushiony arch support and is lined in soft quilted microfiber. It also features soft foam underneath that mold to your feet as you wear them.

Conveniently, these ballerina flats are machine washable! Just toss them in, set up a gentle cold cycle, and air dry. It’s as simple as that.

Photo by Amazon

Something Else To Consider

The Dearfoams ballet flats are comfortable enough to wear all day and stylish enough to tackle whatever your day throws at you—from walking Fido around the block or running errands, right on through playing with the kids.

Dearfoams shoes are made with the highest quality materials, offering long-lasting durability and maximum comfort. With features like cushy quilted insoles, extraordinary arch support and a perfect fit—not to mention our signature style that takes "comfort" literally! —it's no wonder you're going to forget you even have them on.

With soft, flexible designs that fit your feet perfectly and offer maximum shock absorption, Dearfoams shoes are crafted to provide all-day comfort. Usually we are big fans of living in slippers 24/7—but these super lightweight kicks might make us change our mind!

These shock-absorbing shoes offer plenty of arch support for those extra-busy days, and our machine washable designs are simple to keep fresh. Plus their easy on/off design makes them the perfect pick—leave by your door!


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How To Choose The Best Ballet Flats For Wide Feet:

When it comes to finding the best ballet flats for women's feet, there's no need to settle for anything uncomfortable. You want to look great and feel comfortable at the same time, and that can be tricky.

That's why we've put together this list of tips on how to choose the perfect pair of ballet flats for wide feet so that you'll be able to enjoy your dance classes without having trouble during rehearsals or performances.

Fit is the most important factor

Fit is the most important factor when it comes to choosing ballet flats. Your foot should feel comfortable and secure in the shoe, even when you're walking or dancing. If a pair of flats doesn't fit properly, you'll find yourself constantly adjusting your toe position and arching forward because of discomfort.

The best way to ensure that your ballet shoes fit well and are made for long periods of wear is by trying them on at a boutique before making any purchases online or in store—you can also visit our online store for advice about what size will work best for wide feet!

Take a look at the vamp

Blue Suede Skimmer
Photo by Amazon

The vamp is the part of the shoe that covers your toes. It should be narrow enough to allow them to move freely, but wide enough that they won't get pinched or rubbed.

If you have wide feet and are shopping for ballet flats, you'll want to make sure that this part fits comfortably around your widest toe!

The best way of finding out whether or not a pair of ballet flats will fit properly is by trying them on at home first (or having someone else do so if possible).

You can also go ahead and order online if there's nothing available locally. If possible try out as many different styles as possible before making a final decision on what size works best for yourself!

Materials that stretch easily are your best bet

  • Real Leather, suede and Nubuck are the most flexible materials. They stretch easily and will fit your feet better than other options.
  • If you can't find a pair of ballet flats that fit well, try them with an elastic band around the top of the heel to make sure they're not too tight or loose on your foot.

The wider the toe box, the better

If you have wide feet and are looking for classic ballet flats that are specially made for this condition, look for shoes with a wider toe box. This will help prevent blisters on your toes as well as give you more room to wiggle your toes when walking or dancing in these shoes.

However, be sure to check the width of the shaft as well.

However, be sure to check the width of the shaft as well. The shaft should be wide enough to accommodate your foot and long enough to fit your foot comfortably. The best ballet flats have a wide ankle band that sits on top of your ankle bones rather than wrapping around them like some other brands' designs do.

Avoid anything with an ankle strap

Avoid anything with an ankle strap. Ankle straps can be painful and even cause blisters, so you should be able to walk around in your ballet flats without any discomfort.

The best option is to go with a flat sandal or open toe shoe that doesn’t have an ankle strap.

Consider the midsole

The midsole is the part of the shoe that supports your foot. The width of a midsole varies from ballet flat to ballet flat and can be found on each model's description page. A wider midsole will provide more support and comfort, so if you have wide feet, consider getting a pair with a solid or extra-wide footprint.

Check out the insole if you can

The next thing to look for is the insole of foldable ballet flats. If you can see signs of wear on the inside, it's probably not a good sign that your shoe will be comfortable or fit well.

This means that the insole may be too soft and squishy, which isn't great for wide feet! Instead of feeling like they're wearing their shoes out (which can happen with soft insoles), they'll end up having to replace their shoes more often because they're uncomfortable all the time.

Scan customer reviews for hints about fit and comfort

Silver Skimmer
Photo by Amazon

If you're looking for a classic ballet flat that fits your wide feet, it's important to read reviews from people who have tried the shoes on in store.

If you have time and money, try different sizes of the same style of shoe from the same brand—this will give you a better idea of how they fit across the width spectrum.

There's no need to wear anything painful or uncomfortable

There's no need to wear anything painful or uncomfortable  just because it's trendy, especially when it comes to shoes!

The importance of comfort is obvious, but don't forget about fit and aesthetics—they're equally as important.

For example, if you have wide feet (or any other type of foot), then you'll want a brand that makes shoes in larger sizes so that your feet can better accommodate them. And if you have narrow feet as well as wide ones?

That doesn't mean they should go unnoticed: pick out some styles with more width at the toe box area so they won't look like they're being held together by tape.

Price isn't always an indicator of quality; sometimes there are cheaper options out there than others but still give good value for money and aren't flimsy or unsafely constructed—you'll be able to tell whether something feels sturdy enough after trying it on!

Finally - durability matters too since we all know how quickly things can get damaged during daily wear and tear (ehem... ballet flats).


Ballet flats. That is, those not-quite-cute-but-not-quite-comfortable shoes that you wear to formal parties and special events. You can put them on in seconds, but they don't always seem to take off quite as quickly.

We've reviewed the best ballet flats for wide feet, wide round toe flats and extra wide womens flat dress shoes. We've found the best extra wide black flats too.

These are all high quality extra wide womens shoes flats and skimmers, in brand names that will help you avoid plantar fasciitis by creating space for your toes to breathe, provide adequate arch support -- which allows your feet to function as expected -- and help prevent back pain from slipping straps or pinching toe caps.

Thank you for taking the time to visit today. We hope you have found your next favorite thing here on and we look forward to you visiting again.

As Amazon Ambassadors we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases made through our site and links, at no cost to you. Happy Shopping 🛍

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